Writing Fantasy


My passion for reading exploded in the fifth grade when our local bookmobile(do other places have those?), a converted camper filled with books from the local library, brought the first book in the Dragonlance Chronicles to our classroom. I read that book and the third book – for some reason I didn’t find the second book for years- and as many TSR/Wizards of the Coast books that I could get my hands on.

That lead me to Ravenloft, Forgotten Realms and Drizzt the Dark Elf, later Gord the Rogue and others I have forgotten. The great majority of that time between the ages of ten to fifteen my dream job was to be a fantasy author at TSR/Wizards of the Coast. Somewhere along the line I lost sight of that dream job.

And felt like this.

LaterĀ at college I played around with writing stories, but spent most of my time reading great authors of the twentieth century. Graduation, new job, new city any other number of excuses erased any writing potential from my twenties. Then sometime in my early twenties I sat down and started writing. I’m a pantser so the idea took shape through much writing and discarding but finally in January this year I had my first novel completed – more on that in future posts- and began querying.

The best adviceĀ I’ve read is to write while you wait for responses from agent and publishers so I did. I wrote a short story with some fantasy elements. Then I wrote a few more things and then I decided to start the next thing and after all those experiences writing the first novel:


That next thing is a fantasy novel!

What is it about?

Pantser, remember?

I can say it’s high fantasy. It will combine some elements of my other favorite genres including crime/mystery and I’m about 10,000 words in and expect it to come in at about 80,000 words.

Now, I am writing the dream.


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