Write On – With Sci-Fi/Fantasy Editor Josephine Hao

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We had the great opportunity today to pick the brain of  editor Josephine Hao as we discuss editing and science fiction/fantasy, one of her specialties. As we find out below there are no magic bullets when it comes to editing a manuscript. Because of your profession, I feel an enormous amount of pressure to produce […]

Write On: Matt Coleman – Education in America

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  Today we have the opportunity to mine the wealth of information that longtime educator and author Matt Coleman has accumulated from his sixteen years in the educational system in the state of Arkansas (nine in the classroom). Matt’s debut mystery novel Juggling Kittens released earlier this month from Pandamoon Publishing. The novel’s protagonist is […]

Write On: Military and Armed Forces Discussion with Jeff Messick

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Go check out the latest Write On over on Sarah K. Stephen’s website. She talks with Jeff Messick a nine-year veteran of the USAF about his experience serving the United States of America as a member of the Air Force. It’s a great interview with a wealth of information for writers looking to accurately portray […]

Write On: Schizophrenia. What’s the Frequency?

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There seems to have been a lot of schizophrenia talk popping up lately like in a previous Write On with Dr. Brian Cohn. and a random conversation on the origins of an R.E.M. song I had with Dr. Sarah K. Stephens the other day. I, of course, wanted to delve deeper into the topic so […]

Write On: Hemmed In! I talk Ernest Hemingway with Sarah K. Stephens

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This is the second post in my collaboration with Sarah K. Stephens that we are calling Write On. It is a deep dive into some topics that interest us. Here is one of the questions I answered on Hemingway. 5. For all of our readers who perhaps despised having to read A Farewell to Arms […]

Write On: Sharp Objects and Self-Injury (NSSI)

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A few weeks back Sarah K. Stephens and I decided to collaborate on a project we are calling Write On. Sarah is a developmental psychologist with a Ph.D. from Penn State University. I think Sarah describes the intent of the project best: Today my friend and Pandamoon Publishing colleague, Francis Sparks, and I are embarking on a […]