Two Months of Dreams Fulfilled

We are fast approaching two months since my debut novel MADE SAFE launched into the world, fulfilling my childhood dream of being a published author. In that time there have been a few other firsts:

My novel has shown up on library shelves in my area.


Clive Public Library
West Des Moines Public Libary

I participated in my first author fair and made my first in-person sale. But before that, I had to navigate the fun and stressful world of the online/local print shop to get my promotional materials. It was a lot of hard work but the result was amazing!



And of course, I got my first box of books which is something that will stay with me forever.



It’s been an amazing few weeks and I haven’t slowed down. I have my first author signing at Plot Twist Bookstore in Ankeny, IA and I am knee deep in revisions on my second novel and in the planning stages for the next Moses Winter Mystery! Oh yeah and grad school! Stay tuned!

Plot Twist Bookstore


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