Twitter Writing Community – Tracking Progress

I’ve been a part of the Twitter writing community for several years now. It is near and dear to my heart and largely responsible for my first novel MADE SAFE finding a home with Pandamoon Publishing. Even as a long time member of the community, I am still amazed at the tips and nuggets of wisdom that I still find there.


One of them is probably the simplest and best(for me) method to track progress on creative work that doesn’t involve word counts(which can be discouraging if you miss a target). In essence, V.E. Schwab’s method shown below is to draw squares that represent a block of time, usually in her case 25 minutes.


As you can see, Schwab is a VERY busy person with many things to juggle so I’ve adopted her simpler method below.

And my version below. I’ve got two writing projects at the moment with the one on the left taking priority with a March deadline.



Not as pretty as Schwab, but I find it very liberating to stop concentrating(as much as I can) on word counts and focus on time spent on a project.

Happy writing!

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