String of Great Reviews for MADE SAFE


I’ve been ultra busy these past weeks with my latest writing projects and the demands of summer but I had to write a quick post about the wonderful reviews MADE SAFE has received of late.

First is an incredible review of MADE SAFE over at Readers’ Favorite favorably comparing my writing to the likes of David Baldacci and giving it 5 stars! Here is a snippet:

MADE SAFE features wonderful characters and a beautiful setting, captured in powerful prose, with each one of its elements vividly described. The interesting and engaging dialogues are an additional spice to the well-developed characters and the engaging plot. This is an exciting story that will be hard for any reader to put down.

— Readers’ Favorite


Then, almost two weeks ago I got an email from my publicist telling me about a review that nearly floored me from Midwest Book Review using words to describe MADE SAFE and my writing that left me speechless. Here is a portion of it:

MADE SAFE by Francis Sparks is an original, riveting, deftly written, and impressively crafted novel depicting the gritty underbelly of the American heartland. Clearly, as a novelist, Sparks is a master of the crime thriller genre.

— Midwest Book Review

MADE SAFE keeps opening up doors for me to other exciting projects and events. Hope to share more of the details on them soon! In the meantime here are the buy links in case you still need your copy of MADE SAFE!

Buy MADE SAFE from your local bookstore on IndieBound

Buy MADE SAFE in print or E format on Amazon

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