Mindsoak: What’s The Frequency

A few weeks back I interviewed Sarah K. Stephens about mental health issues stemming from a conversation about the backstory to the song What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? A deeper dive into that story is now live on Mindsoak. Here is an excerpt:

Dan Rather was walking along Park Ave in New York City on his way home from a night out with friends. It was a pleasant night for early October, the warmth of friends, good food and drink left him feeling warm in his long-sleeved shirt and jeans. He passed two men walking toward him haphazardly, their steps without the pace of a New Yorker but that of tourists. The one closest to him had the wide-eyed look of a recognition. Dan gave the man a quick nod and hurried past. A few moments later he paused at the intersection of 88th and Park when he heard a man shouting at him from behind him. He turned and saw the two men he’d past a moment ago jogging toward him and shouting. He’d been in enough tight spots to know when to run.

Go read the rest at Mindsoak.


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