String of Great Reviews for MADE SAFE

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  I’ve been ultra busy these past weeks with my latest writing projects and the demands of summer but I had to write a quick post about the wonderful reviews MADE SAFE has received of late. First is an incredible review of MADE SAFE over at Readers’ Favorite favorably comparing my writing to the likes of […]

Debut Author Survival Tips

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There are lots of types of crazy in the world. The type of crazy I’m going to focus on today can only be described in terms of a jittery mess of emotions I’ve only experienced in one other circumstance. That time was at the three-week mark the final time I quit(successfully) smoking cigarettes. In that […]

Two Months of Dreams Fulfilled

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We are fast approaching two months since my debut novel MADE SAFE launched into the world, fulfilling my childhood dream of being a published author. In that time there have been a few other firsts: My novel has shown up on library shelves in my area.   I participated in my first author fair and made […]

Made Safe Has Launched!

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This is a day late but Made Safe officially launched on 1/17/2017. Thanks to Heather Gudenkauf for the incredible blurb: “Francis Sparks’ MADE SAFE is a gripping, fast-paced and hard hitting thriller. Sparks’ depiction of the gritty underbelly of the heartland will grab you by the throat and not let go. Hold on tight for […]

Author Interview: Sarah K. Stephens ~ A Flash of Red

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Sarah K. Stephens’ debut novel A Flash of Red debuted earlier in December from Pandamoon Publishing. It is a fantasticly gritty and dark psychological thriller. Sarah is a trained psychologist, professor, writer, fellow Crime Writers’ Association member and friend. We recently discussed her debut novel. Find the interview below. A Flash of Red is such […]

A Writer’s Retreat, Pneumonia, Surgery and the Edit Letter

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  The last few weeks have been insanely good and bad. I participated in my first ever writer’s retreat put on by Des Moines Writer’s Workshop which I am a part of. It was a great experience AND I got my edit letter from my publisher on the opening day of the weekend giving me […]

Interview with Daniel Willers Author of Heir of Chaos

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This week I had a chance to interview fantasy author Daniel Willers about his new book Heir of Chaos (Blake Heira Book 1). Daniel Willers is a fellow member of the Des Moines Writer’s Workshop.   When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Daniel Willers – I started thinking about it when I […]

Kevin Smith Got Me Writing – Part 2

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The meat. The goods. Why did Kevin Smith get my writing? In Part 1 of this post I tried to explain how a creative person was crushed by the system that he’d been a part of for twenty years. He made all the movies and the sequels and had gotten to work with the stars, […]

The Bechdel Test and why I’m an asshole

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I went to Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens yesterday and for many reasons, I am very interested in strong female characters in film and fiction. A big one on the top of my mind is the imminent arrival of my daughter(due date of December 27th). I want her to have strong female characters […]

Feast of Mages – Thirteen thousand words

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I am thirteen thousand words into my epic fantasy novel which I am tentatively calling Feast of Mages and as a pantser   but that is ok. Some things I’ve had to world build so far include city governance, disposal of bodies, religion, food supply, what the citizens of my world do for work. More […]